The Complete Story of Tillu Square
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The Complete Story of Tillu Square


One year after a messy love affair landed him in a murder investigation, Tillu (Siddhu Jonnalagadda), a goofy DJ with a knack for trouble, finds himself entangled in another predicament. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman leads to a one-night stand, but things get complicated when Tillu discovers she’s connected to his past troubles.

Key Characters:

  • Tillu (Siddhu Jonnalagadda): The protagonist, a lighthearted and impulsive DJ who constantly finds himself in hot water.
  • Mystery Woman (Anupama Parameswaran): Tillu’s one-night stand, shrouded in secrecy and potentially linked to his past.
  • Supporting Cast: Likely includes comedic sidekicks, a police inspector on Tillu’s tail, and potentially the woman from the first film (if the story involves a continuing romance).


  • Comedy: Slapstick humor, witty dialogue, and situational comedy are central to the film’s entertainment value.
  • Romance: Tillu’s past relationship and potential new romance add a layer of sentimentality.
  • Crime: The mystery surrounding the woman and Tillu’s past brush with the law keeps the plot engaging.
  • Redemption: Tillu might be trying to right the wrongs from his previous involvement in a murder case.

Possible Story Arcs:

  • Tillu must clear his name again: The mystery woman could be somehow linked to the past murder case, forcing Tillu to use his wit and resourcefulness to solve the puzzle and clear his name.
  • Tillu gets entangled with a criminal organization: The woman could be part of a criminal ring, dragging Tillu into an unwanted adventure.
  • Tillu juggles romance and danger: Tillu might find himself developing feelings for the woman while simultaneously trying to stay out of trouble.


“Tillu Square” received generally positive reviews, praised for its humor, soundtrack, and Jonnalagadda’s performance. Critics noted the predictable storyline but appreciated the film’s ability to entertain with its lighthearted and fast-paced narrative.

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