The Complete Story of Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation
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The Complete Story of Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation

A Samurai’s Path Leads to Peril:

Ryuma, a stoic and skilled swordsman, wanders a war-torn land seeking his next employment. Penniless and weary, he stumbles upon a small, ramshackle village on the brink of despair. The villagers explain their plight: a ferocious dragon, Ultrogg, has terrorized their land for years, devouring livestock and occasionally unfortunate villagers.

Flare, the Fiery Waitress:

While nursing a drink at the local tavern, Ryuma encounters Flare, a fiery waitress with a hidden past. Sensing his samurai spirit, she reveals that Ultrogg’s reign of terror began soon after a group of samurai, led by a ruthless warlord named Kurome, attacked the village years ago. Fearing another group of exploitative warriors, Flare is initially hesitant to trust Ryuma.

A Reluctant Hero:

Ryuma, a man of few words, prefers a solitary life. He sees no honor in slaying a beast that terrorizes a defenseless village, particularly one already suffering under the weight of past violence. However, Flare’s desperation and the villagers’ pleas for help stir a sense of obligation within him.

Facing Ultrogg:

Guided by a wizened old hunter, Ryuma ventures into the treacherous Dragon’s Maw, a volcanic region believed to be Ultrogg’s lair. The landscape is desolate, filled with the remains of unlucky souls who dared to challenge the dragon before him.

The Dragon’s Secret:

As Ryuma ventures deeper, he discovers a hidden cave filled with glittering treasures – stolen from the very villages Ultrogg has ravaged. A horrifying realization dawns on him: Ultrogg might not be the sole villain in this story.

Kurome’s Shadow:

Suddenly, a figure emerges from the shadows. It’s Kurome, the warlord, and his remaining men. Kurome reveals that he controls Ultrogg using a magical amulet, forcing the dragon to plunder villages to amass wealth. Seeing Ryuma as a threat to his operation, Kurome and his men attack.

A Swordfight and a Sacrifice:

A fierce battle ensues. Ryuma dispatches Kurome’s men with his masterful swordsmanship. However, Kurome proves a formidable opponent, his dark magic fueling his attacks. Just as Kurome gains the upper hand, Flare, who has followed Ryuma into the cave, intervenes. Using a hidden talent for elemental magic, she creates a diversion, allowing Ryuma to disarm Kurome.

The Dragon’s Choice:

With Kurome defeated and the amulet destroyed, Ultrogg, now free from its control, awakens. Facing Ryuma, Ultrogg doesn’t attack. Instead, it lets out a mournful roar, as if lamenting its forced brutality. Ryuma understands – Ultrogg was a victim as much as the villagers.

A New Beginning:

Ryuma leaves the Dragon’s Maw with Flare by his side. Ultrogg, no longer a threat, flies away, seeking a new home. The villagers, filled with newfound hope, begin to rebuild their lives. Ryuma and Flare, united by their shared experience, embark on a new journey, their paths intertwined, forever changed by the 103 Mercies – the 103 villagers they saved from dragonfire and the darkness that lurked within.

Possible Enhancements:

  • Explore Ryuma’s past, providing a motive for his solitary existence and hinting at past battles.
  • Delve deeper into Flare’s backstory, perhaps revealing a connection to Ultrogg or a reason for her distrust of samurai.
  • Introduce additional characters with unique skills who assist Ryuma and Flare in their fight against Kurome.
  • Expand upon the world-building, showcasing the consequences of constant warfare and exploring the different factions vying for power.


“Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation” offers a starting point for a captivating story. By adding layers of complexity and expanding the narrative, this short story can be transformed into a full-fledged anime offering rich themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the blurred lines between hero and villain.

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